Matches Malone EP

by Guts

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via Don't Leave California Records


released July 8, 2014

All songs written by Guts
All songs produced by Guts & Jonas Vece
Drums by Steele Wilson
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Jonas Vece



all rights reserved


Guts Las Vegas, Nevada

Forming in early 2012, GUTS have been a fast-paced flurry of old school tongue-in-cheek pop punk with an underlying darker tone. After numerous member changes and even a short lived break-up, the band continues to show a definitive progression with each effort. With only the future ahead, more is definitely on the horizon from this wholehearted band.

P.S. They enjoy sushi. Maybe too much.
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Track Name: House of Cards
High and dry, left behind without a proper goodbye. I know you've had enough, and you can't bear the road ahead. The path's unclear, how can I clear my head? The house we built it all crumbles down, the lives we live are lost in the sound. Rewind, breathe in and realize everything worked out until now. All the broken pieces are laid out, but you wiped the table clean. Recollected, superseded, play to win but still defeated. We can't give in yet, we were caught off guard… there's no stability in a house of cards. Over a thousand miles to go, armed with stories only we know. Will we make it home? Does this feel like home?
Track Name: I Left My Cape at Home
I could hate you with my last breath, but instead I have hope for the scattered few, the last of the crew that are left to dwell. If this is hell on earth, then try to make it bearable 'cause this is all we have for right now. Do you continue when you've got blood on your white shirt, and no luck on your side? "You're reckless," she said. "Don't be stupid. Now sit up straight and try not to ruin this." My head hurts and I can barely focus… I tried to save you and you didn't notice. We're losing balance as the world spins in circles… "Just be careful," my parents always said. I need to get it through my head. I'm not invincible. No, I can't fucking fly and I'm not telepathic, I can't read your mind. You'll never know how many broken bones it took to keep you safe. I tried to save you and you didn't, you never notice.
Track Name: Matches Malone
Day by day, I grow more morbid while I'm full of constant dread. Envisioning the worst scenes and possibilities of a hundred ways I'd end up dead. When I was young I had nothing but good in me until corruption settled in and changed everything. I'm not a bad person, I just need help remembering how I got here. Would it feel right if I disappeared? Waging countless wars against my reflection, 'cause he's the type of person who fills my head with discontent. I always fail to disconnect my attention. In a decade I've had my ups and chose to stay down… a coward lost in solitude, a prisoner with no way out. I still feel darkness when I'm blinded by light, fear of being alone my entire life. My thoughts are demons that spawn nightmares from dreams. When I shut my eyes, I hate the things that I see. I fucking hate what I see.
Track Name: Boxcutter
Whispers and glances kept you constantly asking, "What are they saying about me?" But the secret's only, it's only in your head because no one else is in on it. Questions and explanations… how much reassuring would everyone need to convey? Hearing what you were afraid to hear in a room where nobody said a god damn thing. Are things better now? Twelve years ago, we were inseparable and now I don't even know where or who you are. Should I ask for forgiveness? In the grand scheme of things, I hope this will all make sense. Live for yourself. Don't let them bring you down, but you'll stand firm in place inside that deep shade of gray. I wish you the best… you know I tried, but you'll stand firm in place inside that deep shade of gray. Are things better now that you're better off without a friend like me? Are you happy without a friend?