by Guts

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released August 14, 2012

all songs written by Guts
engineered by Jonas Vece
mixed & mastered by Kyle Black



all rights reserved


Guts Las Vegas, Nevada

Forming in early 2012, GUTS have been a fast-paced flurry of old school tongue-in-cheek pop punk with an underlying darker tone. After numerous member changes and even a short lived break-up, the band continues to show a definitive progression with each effort. With only the future ahead, more is definitely on the horizon from this wholehearted band.

P.S. They enjoy sushi. Maybe too much.
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Track Name: Intro
Where the fuck did you go?
Where the fuck are you now?
Track Name: Friction
Oh, is my reaction the reaction you wanted to see? Please tell me, did you really find it that funny? And these pointless games we always play... I'll forfeit my last win, just so you can get your fucking way. When don't you get your way?

Friction comes crawling between you and me. One more drink then we will leave. Yes, I promise we will leave.

Have another glass for now, you're all upset and I'm too loud again. I'm not one to argue but I completely disagree that we never mutually came to a cease and desist in this relationship. No more trying or lying after this. Blow the candles out and make some hopeless wish. Am I the subject of that wish? Why are you such a--?

If you want to go then go ahead. My last nerve is gone, I'm over it.

Friction comes crawling between you and me. One more drink then we will leave. Yes, I promise we will leave. Friction comes crawling between you and me. No more drinks it's half past three. So shut your mouth and get some sleep.
Track Name: Don't Make Me Swing On You, Bro
My instincts are telling me it's time to jump ship, the shark and over the bullshit charades continuing to pretend that this is even worth it. Too many days and nights spent awake like owls, like saying words without vowels, this awkward silence needs to end. We can't relive all the things we've gone through. You put all your faith in me, I put my trust in you.

Open your eyes for once and just listen to me. We cannot go on, no matter what you believe. This is not... this is not a ship in mutiny, but a shipwreck so terrible we all bleed.

The morale has hit an all time low, with no forward progress we're stuck in this hole. And what if there is no treasure like it says on the map, no time to back track and half ass the search and no rescue. A crime scene with no clues, only a solution so high in value there's no point in wasting our time.

Together but not forever. You can't start all over if you don't know how to begin.
Track Name: Hesitation
Hesitation never did anyone any good... when you shouldn't really do things you know you should. Or is it the other way around? I'll start thinking straight when I remember how to breathe.

If you take the chance, then you'll take the risk. What keeps you from achieving will only keep you down like bricks in water. If you were only smarter when you made those decisions to be another pigeon in this town.

Everyone's best is to troll and rick roll the dice, watching blue and red attached to black and white. Our hands were covered in dirt when we set fire to that couch. If you start running now, we can meet back at my house. So start running.

Remember all the girls we swore to, remember all the boys you lied to... how many boys have you lied to?

Another pigeon in this town... try not to hit the ground.