Guts / Scarlet Avenue Split

by Guts

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released January 19, 2016

Additional Vocals on "Unmarked" by: Sebastian Egurvide (Such a Mess)
Produced by: Guts, Jonas Vece & Johnny Liu
Engineer/Mixed by: Johnny Liu at Catacomb Recording Company in Rowland Heights, CA
Mastered by: John Naclerio at Nada Mastering



all rights reserved


Guts Las Vegas, Nevada

Forming in early 2012, GUTS have been a fast-paced flurry of old school tongue-in-cheek pop punk with an underlying darker tone. After numerous member changes and even a short lived break-up, the band continues to show a definitive progression with each effort. With only the future ahead, more is definitely on the horizon from this wholehearted band.

P.S. They enjoy sushi. Maybe too much.
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Track Name: Second Star to the Right
We're not kids anymore.
Where have my ambitions gone? Since I got old enough to chase them down?
Oh, I've searched far and wide, honestly hoping they won't be found.
(Cause I'm no rookie to self sabotage.)
Maybe I'm just scared of change,
And I've realized it's getting harder to act my age.
Been a few odd years, now I can finally come to grips with all of my mistakes.
Fight back the excuses that prevent progress and success.
So you can stop feeling useless and start gaining back some self respect.
(I'm tired of hitting the ground)
It takes some time to figure out, who you are and who you'll be.
Who gives a fuck what they think, fuck whatever they expect.
Besides how much failure you will see, you'll always be something to somebody.
(you'll always be something to somebody.)
We're not kids anymore...
Track Name: Unmarked feat. Sebastian Egurvide
Drag me 40 miles out, press the barrel against my skull.
Staring down the grave I’m forced to dig up for myself.
It looks like I’m listening, but I’ve already seen six ways of this playing out.
Lies flow like a river from your mouth. Retrace your steps, will the plan work out?
I’ll call your bluff just to shut you up and find a safe spot to nestle in your head.
This will all be over, before you know it.
Let me leave one last note, using this blood as my ink.
Cause once the sun goes down, (once the sun goes down)
the desert is much colder than you think.
Swung the shovel at your heels and now you're facing the sky.
Yeah, you knew you blew it,
once my hands found your throat and we locked eyes.
Exhale slowly while your body fills will remorse.
Here lies this 6 foot hole, unmarked for your corpse.
I’m a threat you failed to properly address.
I'm a fire, I'm a storm, a fucking force to be reckoned with.

A voice in the shadows tells me its better this way.
I can’t make sense of the hours I’ve lost in a day.
Been pacing the dirt so many times, so many alibis I can't get straight.